lørdag den 19. marts 2011


Yesterday I went to Malmö and to call it the promised land for vegans wouln't be an understatement!!
They have everything!!
To be honest you all know I have been flirting a bit with goatcheese and whipcream (somethimes its just so hard to say no all the time), so I havent been completely vegan, but if I lived in sweeden it definitely would be so much easier - they have everything in soy!!! Everything!
These pics are from the chinese restaurant Vegegården, where all the dishes are with vegan "meats"! The last pic is of deepfried "shrimp".
It was so good.. Normally I dont eat that much faux-meat - it is so expensive to get in Kolding, and the choices are very limited. To be honest I kinda think it is very silly to eat something that artificially is trying to recemblence something that it's not.
But this place is hilarious - go there to enjoy a lovely meat free meal - both enjoyable for carnivores and veggies !

4 kommentarer:

that kate sagde ...

Sounds like a great place and the food looks amazing!

Marian N. Larsen sagde ...

Åhhhh jeg gad godt et smut til Malmö... Sverige er bare lidt hyggeligere!

Julia Falci sagde ...

I tried to be vegetarian when I was a teen and there was so many options of "fake meat" in Brazil. It is surprising to know there are so many options! I don't remember being very expensive though, maybe it's because we have a lot of soy there. This deep fried shrimp looks delicious!

Frk. Steenberg sagde ...

TOFU LINE PIND-IS!?!! wee <3
Elsker dine mad billeder, der er noget nice over dem!