torsdag den 29. juli 2010

mandag den 26. juli 2010

------------APPLE-----------PINEAPPLE-----------SOY MILK------------BROCCOLI-----------LOADS OF ICE CUBES-----------------

Topped with little dots of blueberry!!

Tasted good and healthy - I liked it - Tofu didn't!

torsdag den 22. juli 2010

tirsdag den 20. juli 2010

fredag den 16. juli 2010

*******Ulla-Tofu Chewbacca Trøffel Toubro Weir*******

Brought this little darling home today.. It's a little Shih Tzu girl who now is going to live with me.. I am in L O V E!!
So far her name is Ulla-Tofu Chewbacca Trøffel Toubro Weir, but don't really know if thats wise - do you guys have any suggestions??

søndag den 11. juli 2010

Even though I went to Greece, were it is pretty warm, the heat in Copenhagen is tooo much - so moist and sticky. All i wanna do is to swimm in a big pool filled with icecubes and club soda!!!
Hope you are all staying as cool as possible :-)

mandag den 5. juli 2010

søndag den 4. juli 2010


Sometimes when you get a divorce all you can do is go to Greece with your girlfriends :-)