mandag den 22. marts 2010

Spring has finally arrived in Kolding! The sun is shining and the wind is warm (well almost warm: )! It coulden't be better!!

Have a lovely Monday!!!

tirsdag den 16. marts 2010

My little sister who is 3 years has already grown a beard...

Happy Thuesday everyone!

onsdag den 10. marts 2010

The bearded woman

This is what i have been working on today.. I am working on a collection of womens beards, mustaches and pubic hair.. All croched and made of cotton yarn..

You wait and see, in a couple of months everybody will be wearing them :-)

lørdag den 6. marts 2010


When you get married in Lithuania you buy a huge padlock and locks it to your nearest bridge-fence... It just seems so romantic.. I have no idea if they unlock the locks if they get a divorse - I hope not :-)
Everybody: Blogger works again! You guys were right - it was just messing up, now after about 3 days it's gone :-) HURRAY!
Lora: We ate the food at the art academie in Vilnius.. Yes it looks pretty east-block'ish, but then you should have seen the cantine at the place - it was so cool - pretty much like being send back in time :-)
Ulrikka and Linda: The penquin thing on the last pic was an ashtray...! A huge one!! Pretty weird designing an ashtray after a cute animal.. As if it was ment for children right? :-)
Oh and Martta thanks for the blogaward - I'll figure out something to writhe soon!!!

tirsdag den 2. marts 2010

I guess somebody hacked my blogger acount!?!? The comments and stuff are all messed up.. Have that ever happened to any of you guys? Weird...

Well anyway - lithuanian factories - I am lovin their old school decor-style :-)

mandag den 1. marts 2010

Lithuanian Food

Lithuanian food is (mildly put) very different from what we normally get her in Denmark. Don't think I have ever eaten as much puff-pastry or minced pork as I have in these past five days!
When It was well prepared I really enjoyed it - my stomach, well, thats a different story :-)


Flying from Warsaw to Vilnius I flew in the smallest plane I have ever seen..
Littrally thought I was gonna die!!