fredag den 23. april 2010

Vegan Thomas??

My lovely friend Thomas, who came to celabrate Mathias tonight, bq of the school... He makes lovely things.. Music especially..
BTW; sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately, I have trying to transition to become a vegan, so that have been taking up A LOT of my time - Maybe there will come a new blog with food and all!!! :-) WHO KNOWS :-)

fredag den 16. april 2010

Today we are floating on a pink cloud!! My husband just got the news that he is accepted into the danish royal art academy in Copenhagen!!! So crazy!! We have been worrying sick, but finally today, the best news ever :-) HURRAY MATHIAS!!

mandag den 12. april 2010


Hope you all had a lovely weekend!! My weekend was filled with work and family in law - but luckily it was all so lovely and relaxing :-)
I never really talk about products on the blog, but as some of you might have guessed I am a bit of an eco-nerd so just wanted to recomend this organic line of cosmetics I recently discovered in Lithuania - Its really lovely and also gets sold in Denmark.. Give it a go!

torsdag den 8. april 2010


I promise to show the shoulder pads as soon as they are attached to the t-shirt, maybe even with me doing a little model pose (no promises:-)
This is what I made today though.. A "coffe-warmer" I suppose you can call it - Made out of yarn i first knittet then crochet togeter..
Now I'll bring my warm coffe down to our back garden and enjoy while drawing on boring school stuf. I love how everything just seems easier in the spring time!

lørdag den 3. april 2010

Happy Easter!

I am crochetin outside-shoulder-pads for a t-shirt...

Oh, and have a happy happy easter everyone!!

torsdag den 1. april 2010

Went to Malmø yesterday for some pre-easter-fun.. Unfortunately promised M not to bring my camera - so I could focus more on him :-)
We visited the citys two contemporary art museeums (really lovely), and then we went shopping.. Bought this amazing peeler. It makes zuchinni and other stuff into spagetthi - gotta love it right?!?