onsdag den 30. marts 2011

Rapists and full moon.....

Kolding by night....

There is a crazy rapist-guy out on the loose in this little city - so, until they catch him, if you need me, you can find me in my appartment!! I am staying safe!

tirsdag den 29. marts 2011

The Museum of Ceramic Art in Middelfart.... A lovely exebition by Mariko Wada....

mandag den 28. marts 2011

Saturday in Middelfart

Saturday we went to Middelfart. It was still pretty cold, but I insisted on spring so I made sandwiches that we ate on the harbour....
Lou:True true - they are the BEST!!! Cant belive I have been living without one for half a year. It's been running, non stop, since I got it back!
Marian N. Larsen: Jo den er helt forfærdelig at gøre ren!! Altså virkelig slem... Men så laver jeg altid en kæmpe portion og gemmer det i gamle syletøjsglas i køleskabet :-)
Anne: KAM MAN FÅ EN DER KAN GÅ I OPVASKEREN!! det skal jeg ha!! Eller bare en der er nemmere at gøre ren ville være skønt (har jo ligesom ikke opvaske maskine, endnu desværre:-)
Char: You have to get your juicer out - I have made juice for my boyfriend and he actually really likes the one with carrots and apples. Even Though he more or less hate all veggies.. So maybe that kind could agree with your husband... And yes I defianatly have to post more recepies with cabbage - it is so amazing, I use it for everything! You can sneak it into all your cooking - pasta sauce, salads, I even made cake out of it once :-)
Anne Kristine: Opskrifter, tjo - Lige fortiden æææælsker jeg al juice med agurk, spinat og bleg-selleri i.. Men deciderede opskrifter bruger jeg aldrig - jeg hælder altid bare det i som jeg har :-)
Brit: THANKS!!
Kongemor: Ja mon ikke!! Det er det du skal lave til alle dine drenge - så bliver de bare bombestærke :-)
Brokenproject: No I never saw a cabbage garden befor either :-) I'll promise to keep you updated on the development - maybe the cabbage can even get their own blog soon, we'll see!
CLAUDIA: I have never tried it before, so its all a bit exiting for me. I cross my fingers it will go well...

fredag den 25. marts 2011

Cabbage in my window.....

Now Tofu and I are the proud owners og a "cabbage-garden"
Well soon anyways - can't wait until it starts to grow !!

torsdag den 24. marts 2011

Juice winter away!

I finally got my juicer from my ex-husband's house. And boy have it been missed. Today I did carrot, sellery and apple. yesterday was beetroot, broccoli and apple. The soup picture is just there because the colours matched :-)

You guys are right it's a QR-code. I think my project is going to be about making statements in textiles, that you cant see. The code from yesterday actually says "EAT CABBAGE, NOT MEAT" But I am still very much in doubt what I am going to use it for...
Thank you all for the sweet comments about my foot! I know - I will try to appreciate it better!
It kinda made me realise that it could have been much worse :-) Always good with foot pep-talk before the summer comes :-)
And yes - go to Malmø everyone - it's so wonderfull over there - I'll make A list of must sees tomorrow!
Until then;


onsdag den 23. marts 2011

My bachelor so far...
Things are progressing slowly - it's hard you know :-)

mandag den 21. marts 2011

Monday, again....

I am back in Kolding again... Missing Copenhagen even more now, than I did before I went over there.
(Note to oneself; dont go home, then you feel like staying forever)

I drank coffe with my old friend Nana at Harbo bar.. Really like that place - but miss Nana already...

søndag den 20. marts 2011

When I was younger my classmates teased me with my feet. They called them troll-feet and hobbit-feet. By accident I took this photo today - looked at it, and remembered, eventhoug I had forgotten all about my so called troll feet. They kinda had a point, round thoes and all:-)

lørdag den 19. marts 2011


I just love going to Malmö! Not only because of all the crazy vegan food you can eat - it's also a really lovely city. It just seems that people are so nice and friendly comparred to Copenhagen and the whole vibe of the city is so calm and relaxed.
I also went to Malmö Konsthall, wich never stop to amaze with beautiful exhibitions - this time it was with the american Walead Besthy - who did the cubes I managed to get two pics of before I guy came and told me I wasn't allowed, ups :-)


Yesterday I went to Malmö and to call it the promised land for vegans wouln't be an understatement!!
They have everything!!
To be honest you all know I have been flirting a bit with goatcheese and whipcream (somethimes its just so hard to say no all the time), so I havent been completely vegan, but if I lived in sweeden it definitely would be so much easier - they have everything in soy!!! Everything!
These pics are from the chinese restaurant Vegegården, where all the dishes are with vegan "meats"! The last pic is of deepfried "shrimp".
It was so good.. Normally I dont eat that much faux-meat - it is so expensive to get in Kolding, and the choices are very limited. To be honest I kinda think it is very silly to eat something that artificially is trying to recemblence something that it's not.
But this place is hilarious - go there to enjoy a lovely meat free meal - both enjoyable for carnivores and veggies !

torsdag den 17. marts 2011

The Model

Yesterday I tried taking photos of some of my textile swatches - Tofu feelt the urge to help :-)

onsdag den 16. marts 2011


My favorite smoothie at the moment looks so disgusting, but tastes amazing and is super healthy!
I use:
2 big handfuls of fresh spinach
2 cups of frozen stawberries
1 orange
about 3 cups alomondmilk or water

Blend full speed and drink ( with pink straws preferably :-)

mandag den 14. marts 2011


The cup from were I drink my coffe
Tofu is kind of sick of me.. Since she now is ten months I have switched her to a grownup kibble (witch also is a vegetarian one). For such a long time I have been looking for a veggie one - and everybody have just shuck their heads and told me I was crazy to try to make my dog vegetarian...

Dont really think I can justifie killing one animal to feed another..

Well Tofu thinks I am crazy and she simply wont eat it! It is super good quality - and very expensive... Shes a princess, thats why :-)

I did flaxseed crispbread yeasterday - wich is my new obsession - since I am not always good at getting enough protein I thought about places were I could pimp my diet.. And my bread habits are somewhat very bad. As a lot vegetarians I get way to much gluten and bread... But these are a nice alternative.

I used
1 cup of flaxseeds
1 cup sunflowerseeds
1/2 cup sesameseeds
1 cup water

First I ground the sunflowerseeds - and pour it into a bowl.
I then mix the rest in the foodprocessor until it goes all sticky/jelly-like and then ad it to the sunflowerseed-flour.
Spread it out on oily bakingshets and bake until crisp at low low heat - my oven goes down to 100 celcius (probably an hour or so, depending on the heat and your owen)

Eat it with loads of avocado on top!

tirsdag den 8. marts 2011

Happy Womens Day

To celebrate the international womens day today I was looking in my files for pics best suited - most feministic I guess.. A project I did last spring about women-beards, crochet in coton.. Appart from that I didn't do much to celebrate since I am lying here - Did you guys do anything?

søndag den 6. marts 2011

The Hills are Alive

This is how you can spend a saturday evening if you cant walk :-)
The operation went so well (thanks for your well wishes ) Now I have nothing left to do then to wait and rest, and then in a couple of weeks Ill be as good as new :-)
The best part is, that now I have a justification for reading blogs all day!!
Lovely sunday to all of you !

torsdag den 3. marts 2011

/// iPhone eVeryday ///

Tomorrow I am of to the hospital to get surgery on my knee. Think og me at 1 pm with good thoughts - because I am a bit nerveus.
I hate being totally gone from the world under anaesthetics - But offcourse when it's such a minor thing, I know I dont have to worry :-)
Well 1 pm !!

onsdag den 2. marts 2011


Everybody thanks for the businesscard props and the tips on web-builders!! Im determined to get a web page up and running end of this week - it is sure different from the easy blogspot control system :-)
Marian N. Larsen: Nej det er Sdr.bjert strand tæt på Kolding... Opdagede den her forleden og den er også så skøn!
Whitney: My instagram username is provins - but i linked to my photostream were I also upload all my instagram pics :-)