fredag den 25. marts 2011

Cabbage in my window.....

Now Tofu and I are the proud owners og a "cabbage-garden"
Well soon anyways - can't wait until it starts to grow !!

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

I never saw a "cabbage garden" before! I am excited to see the results (of course you are gonna post it...hahaha) XO

We Blog Artists sagde ... WILL start posting more Cabbage recipes right? Because I have NO clue how to use Cabbage and you seem to use it a lot!
Lovely future garden.

CLAUDIA sagde ...

oh i love growing my own vegetables!

Kira sagde ...

Jaah, endelig har jeg fundet en der deler min fascination af hjemmedyrkede veggies :) Spændende!