torsdag den 24. marts 2011

Juice winter away!

I finally got my juicer from my ex-husband's house. And boy have it been missed. Today I did carrot, sellery and apple. yesterday was beetroot, broccoli and apple. The soup picture is just there because the colours matched :-)

You guys are right it's a QR-code. I think my project is going to be about making statements in textiles, that you cant see. The code from yesterday actually says "EAT CABBAGE, NOT MEAT" But I am still very much in doubt what I am going to use it for...
Thank you all for the sweet comments about my foot! I know - I will try to appreciate it better!
It kinda made me realise that it could have been much worse :-) Always good with foot pep-talk before the summer comes :-)
And yes - go to Malmø everyone - it's so wonderfull over there - I'll make A list of must sees tomorrow!
Until then;


7 kommentarer:

Lou sagde ...

Juicers are the best! I simply lååååve mine - especially in the winter..


Marian N. Larsen sagde ...

Nice! Men er det ikke forfærdeligt at gøre sådan en juicer ren???

Anne sagde ...

mmm drømmer om sådan en juicer (der kan gå i opvaskeren!). Mine forældre har en, så glæder mig til det i weekenden :)

We Blog Artists sagde ...

Juicers really are the best...I haven't used mine in years!.
NOT sure if my husband could turn liquid diet?


Anne Kristine sagde ...

Jeg elsker også vores juicer. Har du nogle gode opskrifter?

Brit sagde ...

Mmmmmm looks delicious!!

kongemor sagde ...

Mmm hvor ser det sundt og nærende ud, tror det er sådan noget der giver håret glans og kinderne glød.