mandag den 19. marts 2012

March 16th

I was lookoing through old posts at the blog - and this was what I posted about one year ago, on March 16th - from 2010 the picassa removed the picture, but really I can se, in my album, that it is the second one, of my little sister in the crochet beard I did at the moment. In from 2009 I had just moved to Kolding and was missing Copenhagen mornings - back then we always had breakfast at kaffebaren i Elmegade - After I bought an appartment and moved back to the big city I much more enjoy eating at home in the weekends :-)
I love how the blog is like a visual diary - reminding you were you were in your life, at a given time.

-- Oh I almost forgot this year!! -- in 2012, it was the first time since I started blogging I didn't do a post on the 16. --> but three days later, you get a picture of my boyfriend ANDREAS - He is in Berlin with his class for 10 days -- I miss him! - I know its silly - but 10 days is actually a lot of days :-)

søndag den 18. marts 2012


I was watching DR2 just now - they had this really nice dokumentary kødland on. I then remembered that i have my "vegetarian bithday" comming up -- April 1st! As I tried to come op with a guestlist for this event, it dawned on me --- I have absolutely no vegetarian friends!!
How have I managed to steer clear of my own people for so long!? Maybe it's time to try to become a bit more organised about my lacking veggie-social-life - .. Join Vegetarforeningen or something, are any of you guys members??
Well, my boyfriend has a collegue who's a veggie, maybe I should invite him the 1st :-) Thats a start right??

PS the ice-cream is simply frozen bananas, a bit of mellon with vanilla - cocnut and goji!

onsdag den 14. marts 2012


The sun came out - and mathilde stopped by! We shared a LINSE for dessert and this ---- was what we had for lunch...

tirsdag den 13. marts 2012

Baby Ulla

I was browsing through old photos the other day and found these of Ulla-Tofu - and summer in Tidsvilde.. I feel that now we are so close I just want to hurry through march and april and start the summer right now!

onsdag den 7. marts 2012


Dogs pretty much aren't alowed in restaurants in Copenhagen - but sometimes you can get lucky. The other day we went for soup at soupernatural with uncle Toke.
If you guys know about other dog-friendly places to eat - let me know :-)

torsdag den 1. marts 2012


Don't mind the dog -- The fucus here are my WHITE WALLS!!! HURRAY!! -- missing now is the hallway - which hopefully is done by the end of the day --