tirsdag den 31. januar 2012

--Tofu in the window--

I have no idea what she is looking at -- but Tofu can speend hours observing from the window...

mandag den 30. januar 2012


Tonight I am going for dinner at Wascator... Its on the street were I live! It's such a nice place! They always have a veggie dish and the atmosphere is just so nice and cosy..
If you live in Copenhagen and havent been there yet, you have to go!-- And to top things of;;;; you'll probably meet me and Ulla-Tofu there, cause we spend much to much time at that place :-)

Oh and by the way::: I have tried to update my list of readers -- so that I also follow your blogs -- if I have left you out please let me know; or if you'r not quite sure -- I wanna know about you aswell :-)

onsdag den 25. januar 2012

..... Spanish Macaroons ......

And sadly the macaroons in Spain are nothing like the ones they have in France :-(

tirsdag den 24. januar 2012


Me and my family just went on a short trip to Sevilla... It ended up focusing mainly on the food we ate... Its a classic Weir-family vacation :-)
Sarah Calson: Ja Det er lejligheden!! Nu er stuen og køkkenet hvidt!! Er meget stolt! Så mangler jeg bare sove værelset og gangen,puha :-)
Maja: Det er gamle fliser som kom med da jeg købte lejligeden -- De var nærmest grunden til jeg købte lejligheden -- Det er bare argeligt jeg ikke har kunnet finde flere i samme nuance...
Marian N. Larsen: Den her kaffe er fra et sted som hedder WILLYS!! Det er også en meget fin fin butik.. Lidt billigere end ICA - Lidt mere som rema, men så bare med deres egne produkter i den fineste grafik!
Pankalla and Brit: Yes the ice is good for you in the morning :-) It was simply; Frozen diced bananas, frozenn stawberries , agave nectar and vanilla beam -- mixed in the foodprocsessor with a little bit of water! -- It is sooo good!

fredag den 13. januar 2012

Swedish coffe, and strawberry/banana icecream in the morning :-)