onsdag den 30. december 2009

New years cure..

I am dow with the flu AGAIN!! Thats why my blogging have been non existing. I so wanna get well for new years!!
This morning I made this drink - hope it can cure me! It's made from - Two large beetrots - Two apples - Half a broccoli - Half a lemon...
Hope you all are well, and ready for the new year..

torsdag den 24. december 2009



Hope you have a lovely time filled with LOVE, HAPPINESS and CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!

tirsdag den 22. december 2009


An afternoon at this place.. Yum yum..

mandag den 21. december 2009


Oh bye the way, got this pillow from a new knitting brand I've become a fan of! I really like their colours and their universe..

fredag den 18. december 2009


I am finally done with school for this year - so now it's time for a little christmas!! Can't wait to catch up with all you lovely blogs out there - time has been so short lately.
Tomorrow I'm heading for Copenhagen and then I am celebrating christmas at M's house for the first time ever. I am so exited about trying something new for christmas eve..

onsdag den 16. december 2009


Its here!! SNOW has fallen!! I do so hope it stays for christmas!!

tirsdag den 15. december 2009


It warms my heart, and makes me so happy.. I had a lovely day, filled with christmassy-stuff - Æbleskiver, glögg and ice skating.. And to top it of we had vietnamese food from this cookbook... Yum yum..
But THANKS again guys, it means a lot...!

søndag den 13. december 2009


Today is my birthday!! Jubiii!!
This is my present from M!!!

lørdag den 12. december 2009

Cabbage - yes yes..

Our cabbage nights went well :-)
Check our page for more pics!

torsdag den 10. december 2009

Busy Weekend

Oh if you live in either Aarhus or Copenhagen come bye one of these days.. I am cooking! Cabbage in Aarhus today and Cabbage tomorrow at Artrebels in Copenhagen! Lovely...

onsdag den 9. december 2009

Daddy's girl

A Weekend with my very little little sister was so much fun but also very demanding.. She thinks a LOT about icecream and candy - need I say more.?
My dad ordered the tickets to Spain as a secret to surprise the whole family..
He is simply the best!

tirsdag den 8. december 2009

The christmas lights in Spain are amazing.. So clean and simple without a lot of green stuff on them..

We drank a lot of cava and gin & tonics in Spain.. Comming out of the bar one night we thougt we had drunken one to many - we saw Hilter and Rommel as a miniature play dolls!!

But no! It was true they actually sell that in Spain!!!

mandag den 7. december 2009

1 year down - 72 to go!

Yesterday M and I had our very first wedding-anniversary!
It felt great - like I had known him for forever, but still with the feeling of just to have fallen in love...

torsdag den 3. december 2009

Nikon 3000d = <3

As you might have noticed I have'nt been blogging for a while - my beloved camera broke!!
But today I got this beauty in the mail! A self-bought-very-early-christmas/birthday-with-the-help-of-my-grandparrents-present..
I have absolutely no idea how to use it, but can't wait to learn!

I hope i soon will have time to write some responses soon - I have just been so busy!
But for now i am of to spain for the weekend with my family and husband - hopefylly I'll be back with loads of pretty pics!

Have a lovely weekend everyone..!!