onsdag den 25. februar 2009


And today was chair-painting-day.. Love the curry-color, so all the things in my 90'ties concrete appartment is getting a repaint with it. I dont care if its pretty; it's like sunshine :-)

International pancake-day

Today it was international pancake-day.. We made both normal and vegan ones..
So happy Pancake-day!!!

mandag den 23. februar 2009


Animals in Kolding...

The god thing about living in Kolding is the great secondhand-shopping. Found these books with patterns.. By now I have only been looking at them, not in them :-)

søndag den 22. februar 2009


I am totally in love with the grafics on the Monkigirl web page.. (Loving the clothes aswell!!)


After the theatre we went to get a beer on the local bar "Falderebet" where my friend Pernille works.
Jørgen was there....
He is a local who's always down there. He is very sweet...

The Theatre

Yesterday we went to the new Mungo Park theatre here in Kolding and saw the Mumin play..
it was really really god...

fredag den 20. februar 2009


My husband and I celabrated new years in Berlin..
A couple of pics from the trip.. Its the best city.. Miss it..

torsdag den 19. februar 2009

My view

Today it was grey grey grey.. This is the view from my window...

onsdag den 18. februar 2009

The Nature

Even the nature in the city is beautiful...

The City

When Im in the province I miss the city very much...