fredag den 25. maj 2012

Milky Almonds

 I started doing my own almond milk. It is really good. So much better (and cheaper) than Rice-, or soy milk, such a shame i first realised this now.
 I soak about one cup of almonds overnight. Then I blend them with half a liter of water, four dates, a bit of vanilla and a pinch of salt. Sieve it a couple of times, cool it and its ready.

søndag den 20. maj 2012

I am back ...

So... here we go again! Since my grandmother died end of march I havent really felt like blogging. I appologise for my absence - but after blogging for over three yeas you just somtimes need a little break from it all! A lot have happened these past months, a lot of pictures have been taken, recepies for yummy stuff have been made + a new blog-page / recepie-collection is on its way! - I'm gonna start sharing as soon as it's ready :-)! Oh and also; Tofu turned two the 14. of May - and we now have a lamp in the hallway - - its the same as you see here - it was left by the previous ovner of the appartment, now it's just clean:-)