mandag den 31. oktober 2011

// Mushroom Sandwich //

-------------- Oyster mushrooms - Cream - Garlic - Celery - on homemade wholewheat bread --------------------------

My new addiction!

fredag den 28. oktober 2011

///// Marmelade and Kisses /////

I sort of don't know whats up with me at the moment! I am cutting classes and all I feel like doing is staying at home and pretend to be a homemaker...
Yesterday in my hausfrau-state-of-mind I made plum marmelade and baked cinamonbuns.

(for a guy I really like)


ALLESAMMEN: Elsker hvordan i allesammen får koppe forbud af jeres kærester!! Det er jo sååå sjovt!! Så vil jeg skynde mig at samle på så mange kopper som muligt mens jeg stadig selv, er mig selv :-)
Michelle: Jo det tror jeg bestemt du kan; Itala skulle også ha et outlet deroppe hvor man vidst skulle kunne købe billige mumi-kopper! Det gad jeg skisme godt!! GOD TUR - heldige asen!
Marian N. Larsen: Uh den version skal jeg også prøve!! Det er så fedt med hurtige pasta retter, som man bare lige kan smække sammen - og parmesan får jo ligesom alt til at virke eksklusivt!!
Tiziana // Sweet Petroleum : Thanks :-)
Li: Sejt du har tjekket det ud! Man bliver jo hocked af sådan noget serie værk! Og det var så lidt ;-)

torsdag den 27. oktober 2011


The other day I did Sarahs lemonpasta dish for lunch! Only I didn't have fancy tagiatelle like her - I did it with cheap wholewheat-butterfly-shaped-pasta fom Lidl.. Worked out pretty good anyway :-)

((((lemon juice mixed with olive oil and grated parmesan and a dash of chopped basil)))))

BTW: If you havent been there yet check out Sarahs blog; I is filled with yummy food, nice picks and a dry sence of humor..

onsdag den 26. oktober 2011


Have you seen that Marimekko started making some really nice cups!! I wish I had the money to buy them all!! - ..

The Bahnhof

In Berlin we went to Hamburger Bahnhof, wich is my ultimate favourite museeum!

Ps - I really should get out of bed now - its almost 11, but its like I am stuck. Fall weather and a much to interesting computer can do that to you sometimes:-)

torsdag den 20. oktober 2011

Berlin # 2

I am back! And it was a lovely trip! The first couple of days it rained so much - but lucky for us the sun came out in the end!

I used to live in Berlin for a couple of years before I started my studies - and to be honest Copenhagen is just way more my kind og city! Maybe it's because the people i love is here - maybe I just that I like the short distances to everything - anyway - it's kinda always like you have to get away to really appreciate what you have at home :-)

Berlin # 1

søndag den 9. oktober 2011

()()()() Frühstück ()()()()

I am off to find inspiration in Berlin!! I will be back Thursday - Hopefully with loads of nice pics and an artsy feeling :-)

lørdag den 8. oktober 2011

Nana and the Fries

Nana loves french fries, but she's a bit embarrassed when I photograph her while eating them...

These ones she ate at Cafe N - one of my new favorite food places...

fredag den 7. oktober 2011

///__________Hairy details_________///

This is me and Camilla chillin after doing a photoshot for one of the major newspapers in Denmark. - I suppose we were pretty sick of looking into the camera :-)
Today we started blogging for IDOART. If you dont know that page by now, check it out!! There is a lot of nice art stuff!

PS I have a new found love for hairnets !!!

mandag den 3. oktober 2011


Today I was a sitter for my sick little sister who turns 5 i eight days ( she mentioned it approx. 7 times )
Luckily she wasnt so sick that she couldent eat cake :-)

søndag den 2. oktober 2011

Artichokes and wine

Just came back from a night in my fathers summerhouse. How is it that all good summerhouses simply need really old old boardgames - this edition of Trivial Persuit was from 1985 ! - pretty neat and pretty difficult!
Anyway - the weather was amazing and we went swimming (and we are in October now!)
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!