torsdag den 3. februar 2011


Somethimes when i take pics of Tofu she looks lige the child of beauty and the beast... But I love her just as much anyways...
Charlotte: Yes I really have to get better at posting recepies when i cook... you can use in so much... instead of meat... Oh and yes the light if only we were in Mallorca right now - its such an lovely island...
A little happier: Thanks!!
Anonym: Jeg ved det:-) Ville så gerne ha mere tid til det... Har levet uden internet derhjemme; men nu har jeg endelig snart noget igen... så ved jeg det bliver bedre;-)

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We Blog Artists sagde ...

Emilia...Tofu is gorgeous and we all love seeing pictures.
Hope you have a great weekend.
P.S.I have a new banner...what do you think?