fredag den 21. maj 2010


Went out for dinner tonight with my friend Nana. For all you people in Copenhagen out there you really have to try this place; Kates Joint in blågårdsgade. Nana had tofu/vegetables/satay sauce (second pic) and I had lenthils/coconut/lemongrass (third pic). Don't worry there was loads of meaty dishes!!

Maybe not my most esthetic meal, but it was so good - we could even choose brown rice for our meal - and best of all; it was cheap - and the house wine was great!
Very recomendable..

tirsdag den 18. maj 2010


When I go out and make cabbage (kålkællingerne) I make it with Camilla.. She now lives in Berlin, I suppose you can call her a "design school drop out"-gone german... I miss her so - simply cant wait untill she comes home, so we can make amazing lovely cabbage together! This is us, at a shop oppening we cooked for this winter!

søndag den 9. maj 2010

Spaghetti Bolognese with NOT-cheese...

Instead of using meat replacements like tofu or seitan i discovered that CARROTS and KIDNEY BEANS after a few secs in the foodprocessor makes exelent minced meat when making pasta bolognese..

Just sauté ::ONION::and::ZUCCHINI:: as normal, then add the "CARROT-BEAN-meat"::::::::TOMATOES::::TOMATO PURÉ:::::FRESH HERBS:::::GARLIC:::::a bit of SOY and BALSAMIC VINEGAR:::::SALT and PEPPER(If you have WINE, that's really good aswell) Let it simmer for about 20 min.

M is very oppose to me calling it parmigiano, so I will try not to:-) But i use this as a parmigiano replacement on my pasta..
I mix about one cup og lightly toasted ::::::SASAME SEEDS::::::: and one cup of ::::::NUTRITIONAL YEAST::::: in the food processor, ad a bit of SALT and then.. thats it... Enjoy..

fredag den 7. maj 2010

Sometimes schoolwork is pretty ok.. Especially if you get to take pictures of silly stuff you have crocheted in rubber, coloured cotton and paper bags filled with pink stuff!

onsdag den 5. maj 2010

Just after I posted the vegan food blog last night I started thinking. Maybe I don't have to have a totally new blog... Maybe its just okay for me to start blogging a bit more about food here... Maybe it's time to rethink PROVINS a bit (I have actually been at it for more than a year now!-) maybe its just gonna be more about organic stuff and food.. well who knows, time will tell :-)
Made these RAW-sushi rolls the other night.


- Next time I am gonna chop the cabbage in the food processor and pretend it's rice :-) Tasted really good, but I doubt M would have been full afterwards...

tirsdag den 4. maj 2010

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::VEGAN COFFE::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

OKAY!! Found this AMAZING thing!! Its a CUP, but but but but it is also a COFFEE MAKER!!!
It's a travelmug, but at the same time there is a french-press funktion, that allows you to drink lovely coffe on the go!! Seriously - how can one live without :-)


Oh and check out my new Vegan Page!!! Haven't really worked on the layout. It would be cool with a cabbage background or something:-) Well anyway check it out, and please comment if there's anything I have to change about it!