tirsdag den 15. december 2009


It warms my heart, and makes me so happy.. I had a lovely day, filled with christmassy-stuff - Æbleskiver, glögg and ice skating.. And to top it of we had vietnamese food from this cookbook... Yum yum..
But THANKS again guys, it means a lot...!

7 kommentarer:

Brit sagde ...

Mmm dinner looks delicious!! Fun to hear you enjoyed your birthday! What is that in the top picture? It looks SO good!

Celine sagde ...

beautiful gift!
this dinner looks sooo good!! I could use a good meal right about now.

and happy belated birthday :)

anna sagde ...

yummie! Sound like you had a great time :)

Marion sagde ...

Ohhhhh such a cute menu for a bthday !

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** sagde ...

You're welcome...oh, my Farfar made the best Applskiver and Glug...my father still makes a mean glug.
SO lovely to hear you had a glorious day.
Take care and have a wonderful day tomorrow.

gracia sagde ...

How tasty it all looks... and belated birthday cheer I send to you. Hooray!

PROVINS sagde ...

Hey Brit, the thing on the top pic is a danish thing we call Æbleskiver.. Its kinda like a dough you bake in a special pan with holes in it!! If you ever come to Denmark you have to taste some :-)

And thanks all you guys for the sweet comments!