torsdag den 3. december 2009

Nikon 3000d = <3

As you might have noticed I have'nt been blogging for a while - my beloved camera broke!!
But today I got this beauty in the mail! A self-bought-very-early-christmas/birthday-with-the-help-of-my-grandparrents-present..
I have absolutely no idea how to use it, but can't wait to learn!

I hope i soon will have time to write some responses soon - I have just been so busy!
But for now i am of to spain for the weekend with my family and husband - hopefylly I'll be back with loads of pretty pics!

Have a lovely weekend everyone..!!

3 kommentarer:

pernilleE sagde ...

Årh, tillykke tillykke Emilia!!
Rigtig god tur til Spanien, hils dernede.. Savner dig allerede!


Brit sagde ...

Bummer your last camera broke... But this one is pretty! :) It's fun getting to know a new camera! Have so much fun in Spain!!

Ida Nielsen sagde ...

Sweeeet!! D3000 lyder ret avanceret -jeg fumler stadig rundt med mit D50 camera ;-)