fredag den 5. august 2011

()()()()()///// THE HOT TUB /////()()()()()

I am deeply in love with my new appartment! Now the walls in the kitchen are white! and to top that nice feature, I bougt this hot tub yesterday :-)
Since I don't have a bathroom ( only a toilett ) I had to be creative... I can attatch the hose to my kitchen sink and voila I have a hot tub :-)

Simple life - I LOVE YOU!!!

6 kommentarer:

We Blog Artists sagde ...'re working hard lady!!!
Love the simple life!
I lived for 9 months in Spain with no oven(just a camping stove) and not telephone and NO fridge!
Yup...the simple life ROCKS!


anna sagde ...

I can totally see why your getting excited over this, YES for simple living :)

Ditte sagde ...

Det ser virkelig ud til, at du er meget effektiv med din lejlighedsrenovering. Wow! Glæder mig til at se det færdige resultat, men det er hyggeligt at følge med undervejs:)

Brit sagde ...

How fun it must be to see your apt slowly becoming a home! Quite an adventure! :-)

millo sagde ...

Emilia, jeg starter i Kolding den 5. september! wuhuu, det er sejt :-) og tillykke med bachelor!!!! så flot!

Svanna sagde ...

Loving loving loving the mint tiles :)