onsdag den 22. juli 2009

I have been working at the restaurant quite a bit, so just needed to get out of Copenhagen. Luckely a friend og mine is working as a gardener at a beautiful old school in the southern part of Seeland.
I am normally not that much of a nature child, but the flowers were so lovely and i got a stomach ache from eating to many gooseberries, so that was just what i needed :-)

5 kommentarer:

young sagde ...

Lyder som en dejlig dag!

Miss Rosenthal sagde ...

Ey! we are going to go to copenhagen for a couple of days this summer.
Could you please tell me any suggestion??
Best area to looking for an apartment to stay?
Do you know any apartment to rent??
Thank you so much!!

Anonym sagde ...

I eat honey for a stomach ache.

Presépio no Canal sagde ...


What beautiful fotos you have here :)

I will come back to see more :)


MODsquad sagde ...

Beautiful lavender color!