onsdag den 29. juli 2009


My sister inside the artist Pind piece at Overgaden yesterday.. We had the best time because there was so much to explorer.. Wasn't sure in the begining that she would be able to grasp it all (she is only 2,5), but we had a blast..
The room was completely green, so when you came out of the room again everything went all pink!!

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A home far away sagde ...

What a lovely blog!

Hugs from Singapore

Presépio no Canal sagde ...

Thank you for the visit and comment in Presepio :) you are very welcoming!
A very beautiful sister that you have :)



MODsquad sagde ...

Oh, that's awesome!! Darling photos!

Miss Rosenthal sagde ...

Ey! she is so nice!!!

Thank you for your help, we will look for something in Nørrebro or Vesterbro.

About the interesting places...We wanted to know everything. We have just 4 days to explore your city.
Thank you so much Emilia!!!

This is my email: yosoyrosenthal@gmail.com

kristina * sagde ...

what fun! and cool photos!

thanks for visiting my blog - that way i discovered yours!

Anonym sagde ...

is this your sister you say? she's adorable! and i love the pictures, esp. the last one.

i'd like to experience that--being blinded by green.