mandag den 28. november 2011


I have been doing quite a lot of design related freelance work these past couple of weeks - which is great !! The only downside is that I miss Ulla-Tofu so when I am away from her ( It's as if all design happens outside of Copenhagen - resulting in a great deal of traveling )
But anyways; tonight I am of to Älmhult were IKEA has it's flagship - I signed a contract promissing not to say ANYTHING or show ANYTHING - so i wont :-)
Hope you all have a lovely relaxing week!

ps - the picture is from the last time I went up there - were my friend/colleague Kitt is posing in front of ICA. ICA is a swedish supermarked were you can get sooo much great organic veggie stuff - Sweden is just so much better at all of that, than Denmark!

3 kommentarer:

We Blog Artists sagde ...

sounds like you're one busy lady!


Marian N. Larsen sagde ...

To af mine yndlingssteder i Sverige også! jeg går altid på opdagelse i ICA. Fandt du mon nogle øko-produkter, som du mangler i det danske øko-udvalg?

Svanna sagde ...

IKEA...sounds exiting!