lørdag den 7. maj 2011


So sorry for not having been checking in for sooo long! I am not dead - just insanely busy with my bachelor!! I dread and loong for the 14. of June were I have my final exam - then i will move back to Copenhagen with a bachelor of fine arts in textile design :-)
Also cant wait to catch up withall of you guys - I still get a blog fix now and then, but time for commenting, not so much I am affraid!
Hope you all have a lovely - and much more relaxing weekend than me :-)!!

2 kommentarer:

Trine sagde ...

Midt i BA-stress kan du glæde dig over, at vi har skrevet rosende ord om din fine blog...

/Trine... www.blog-land.dk

Lisa Kjellerød sagde ...

Good luck with your exams! I take my norwegian exam this month! Arghhhhh!