onsdag den 10. februar 2010

The Emilia Diet :-)

You guys asked me what I eat when I try to be healthy like now..

I eat loads of fresh vegetables - Raw food is a big inspiration - so, as much as I can, I eat them without cooking..

I eat fresh fruit

Milkfree "ice-cream" with ricemilk and grated coconut (pic number 1)

I eat eegs, poultry, fish, millet, cornflour, seeds and chickpeas...

Pic numnber 3 and 4 is my lunch; grated beetroot and homemade parsley hummus..

The last pic is mashed dates, cocoa powder with coconut - yum yum

So If any of you guys have some interesting recepies or a food blog I have to see please lett me know..

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Emily sagde ...

Gorgeous photos - so yummy! I've been wanting to try and eat more raw vegetables and now you've inspired me to try a little harder! :)

Brit sagde ...

Mmmm does look very good! Seeing that does make the diet look easier... I don't know if I could do without cheese though!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** sagde ...

Oh, Emilia...these pictures deserve to be in a book...they're the earth...rustic...fresh...I can smell the flavours...WONDERFUL!
I have a bunch of my fave food bloggers on the right handside of my blog...
I follow Dollop...and I am a Celiac...2 ladies who also have a Photography blog together.
I like the Celiac one because sometimes I feel that Wheat bloats me...so her recipes are great!
Thanks again for posting...really inspiring!

jane sagde ...


Marion sagde ...

oh dear I'm going to try these this week end, I need a good detox... ! I do love the recipes of this blog http://cannelle-vanille.blogspot.com/
have a look, it looks beautiful !!!

Anonym sagde ...

I'm trying to change my diet too. :)
Pumpkin, rice, beans, fish, eggs, vegetables, millet, pasta, fruit, kombu, ...
Is going well, good luck to you.