søndag den 4. oktober 2009


I were tagged by Brit a million years ago and never got around doing the tag... I were to tell 10 true things about myself and then tag others..
Maybe deffianately not the most interesting things, but true:-) So here we go:

1. I am a huge fan of Jessica Simpson, not the music, just the person
2. When I eat pancakes i have no 'stop'
3. I am allergic to raw carrots and nuts
4. I had only known my husband for 3 months when we got married
5. I pretend to enjoy to read. I start but, never get the books finished
6. I have a new found love for the gym
7. Reading blogs inspire me and makes me relax
8. My biggest travel wish right now is going to Vietnam
9. I am very much in love (with my husband offcourse:-)
10. When I go on holiday I have a neurotic side, who at least have to eat two pepper-steaks for dinner when we are away

I tag Pernille, my upstairs neighbour from Kolding, who just started blogging, and everybody else who wants to play along....

7 kommentarer:

Ida Nielsen sagde ...

How fun ;-) I too got tagged with the same 'challenged' some weeks ago. Maybe I should get myself together and play along.
Ps; I'm exactly the same way with pancakes...yum, yum, YUM!!

april sagde ...

like the lovestory with you and your husband very much ;-) i'm not married, but i had only knew my "boyfriend" for a night when he moved in my appartment six years ago. he is still here ;-) happy day to you.

Brit sagde ...

Oh these are fun :) I love reading details about people! How special about you and your husband!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** sagde ...

So much fun...maybe I'll play along...
I was supposed to do a week of breakfasts this week...but I forgot and ate my breakfast already!
O well.
Have a lovely Monday.

Esti sagde ...

It was good to know you more. Thanks for sharing.

hanna-happenings sagde ...

För blocktryckaren i dig;
Välkommen till vår blocktrycksutställning
"Päronträ och blåklintsblått"
KKVtextiltryck Korsgatan 6 i Malmö.
Vernissage 10/10 12-16
Pågår 10-25/10 onsdag, fredag, lördag, söndag 12-16.

Tänkte att du nog vill se i real life om du har tillfälle!

Anonym sagde ...