torsdag den 27. august 2009

Summers up!

My Copenhagen days are soon to be over and I'll be going back to Kolding.. Was really starting to readjust here, but now it's time to go back and forth betwen the two cities.. Really looking forward to the new school year. We are going to have loads of new projects comming up, and I even have several weeks learning to handle a digital loom and learn to do digital knitting :-)

6 kommentarer:

kinako sagde ...

good luck in school! wow, digital loom and digital knitting?!?

kristina k sagde ...

lovely clouds, so beautiful.

good luck with the digital knitting :) will you post about it?

Maria sagde ...

good luck with the new schoolyear:) digital knitting sounds fun.
beautiful sky shots!

Katrine Ny sagde ...

God skolestart!

Brit sagde ...

Hmm I'm as curious about the digital knitting as the rest! Have a great new school year! :) I'm starting pretty soon as well!

Cris sagde ...

love shots of clouds!!
hope you had a great school year!!

happy week