lørdag den 16. maj 2009


Second hand in Kolding is really good... The other day I found this blue glass ashtray ( the cigaretts is from my friend Jacob!! ) and some knifes and forks and payed 6 kr for all of it..!! Thats less than an €....!! I guess that's one of the very few good things about living in kolding..

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april sagde ...

i like the knifes a lot. and i'm still curious if you ordered the ashley goldberg print. still in my mind...wish you a wonderful week*

PROVINS sagde ...

No didn't buy the print bc I read that they are maybe going to tax it even more when it comes to Europe... I don't know how this stuff works, so it scarred me a bit..
From now on I'll unfortunately look for art stuff from within the EU :(
such a shame...

Have a lovely day!!