onsdag den 29. april 2009

The other day something very nice happend. Since I moved to Kolding I've been wanting to take up horseback ridding. Since it has been winter I have'nt done very much about it, but now my four friends wanted show their support for my new interrest.
They bought a Ridding helmet for me! They wrapped it nice, wrote my name in it and it's even my size!! So now I cant wait to get out ridding! I'll let you now how it goes: )

2 kommentarer:

epe sagde ...

good surpriced! :)

Maike Hemmers sagde ...

thats indeed very nice. i also was horseback riding as a child and when i smell a horse again, it makes me feel like jumping on a horse and start again haha
thank you also for your nice comment. I like your blog!