tirsdag den 24. marts 2009

Baking day

Monday is always my baking day. I love to bake. Yesterday it was traditional cinamon-snails and buns...
Today I spendt the whole day baking aswell, not for eating purposes though- for a projekt in school. I'll post some of the pictures tomorrow:-)

4 kommentarer:

Liz V. sagde ...

these look *delicious* !

could you send me the recipe??!


also i LOVE your harbor painting project in one of the posts below..

april sagde ...

my baking day is sunday. i love baking too, and also how it smells.
traditional cinamon-snails sounds and looks tasty. would be great, if you could share the recipe. your school projekt sounds adventurous. wish you a wonderful day*

lea sagde ...

it's been so long since i baked and i love baking! seing these photos i must do it today : ) they look so delicious, is it one of those slow rising dough recipes?

PROVINS sagde ...

Liz V and April: Thanks! And yes they snails were pretty successfull, I'll post you the recipe as soon as i can.. I never write the recipe down, but ill try when I have a moment:-)

Lea: Hope your baking went well, It's not slow rising dough. I made the dough very stikky. And then I baked them on very high heat, surprisingly a very similar result.. Good luck!!